We build, operate and distribute funds. We provide a complete solution enabling you to focus on the important tasks of investment management and growing your business

As the leading integrated boutique responsible entity and fund administration platform, Fundhost combines all the necessary ingredients for your Fund in one place and under one contract.  RE, Trustee, Unit Pricing, Custody, Registry services and fund compliance for one simple fee. 


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We structure your fund for the Australian and New Zealand markets. This includes product design and development, legal requirements, documentation, compliance and ASIC requirements. You will also benefit from our solid working relationships with auditors, custodians, legal experts and insurance brokers.


We act as responsible entity for retail funds and as trustee for wholesale funds. We ensure your compliance and risk management requirements are met. Fundhost also undertakes client registry and investor services, investment administration, accounting, unit pricing and taxation. We can also liaise with investors, auditors and regulators on your behalf.


We help you understand, define and document the investment proposition you want to take to the market. We also liaise on your behalf with ratings agencies, consultants, institutional investors, platforms, researchers and advisers.

Fundhost is active in the domestic and international equities space, both long & alternative, unlisted and listed. Fundhost also acts in the private equity, ESVCLP and fixed income space. Fundhost is not active in the property arena.





  • Act as Responsible Entity

  • Act as Trustee

  • Unit pricing

  • Fund Accounting

  • Registry services

  • On-shore Investor Service Centre

  • Tax Reporting / AIIR

  • FATCA/CRS processing and reporting

  • Online Investment Manager Access – to portfolio & registry

  • Online Investor Access

  • Short Form / Long Form Product Disclosure Statements 

  • Information Memorandums

  • Online Application Processing (multiple vendors)

  • Custodial Account via NAB, no minimums.

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Fundhost has a committed management team with over 100 years experience in aggregate of the finance sector and business development.