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For security reasons, investors must send Fundhost written instructions, signed by all signatories to the account, in order to change details. Forms are provided below:

Download – FATCA

Download – Investor Detail Change Request

Download – Investor Redemption Request

Download – Adviser Contact Form

To change phone numbers or email addresses, you can send an email to us at admin@fundhost.com.au

Forms are provided to partially or fully redeem an investment, add or change adviser details or to change account details, such as address, bank account or your distribution preference.

Covid-19 Status: 

Fundhost is open

As per government direction, most of the team are working from home. Rest assured; we are processing your investment instructions in as timely a manner as possible.

How to contact Fundhost:

  • Please use email rather than any other contact methods (such as mail or phone).
  • To keep our staff safe, where possible, please avoid sending applications or redemption instructions via Australia Post. This will help us to limit the physical handling of mail and allow us to respond to you sooner.
  • Please scan and then email any documents or applications. NB: Change of address and banking details still need to be sent via post.
  • Use our online Investor Centre to check your Fund Holdings.

We have also discontinued our fax services so please use an alternative method as listed above.

Thanks for your understanding.
We wish you and yours well.

Fundhost email: admin@fundhost.com.au