Forager International Shares Fund


With a focus on long-term value based investing, Forager Funds is a unique Australian investment management company.

After years of performance driven growth, Forager have a sustainable business but is still small and nimble enough to invest in those small listed companies not accessible to many firms.

We will stay that way. The company has a large percentage owned by staff, and our external shareholders support our desire to place performance before revenue. That means capping the size of our funds before too much money becomes an impediment to performance.

The Forager International Shares Fund (previously the Intelligent Investor International Fund) has a very broad geographic mandate; to invest in any listed security in the world. This means that if any equity  security is traded on an exchange, the Fund is able to own it. In practice, the Fund will predominantly invest in developed countries with stable political environments.

The price you receive

The Fund is forward priced, you will receive the price struck subsequent to the receipt of your application/redemption.

Important Information 21 July 2021 

The Forager International Shares Fund (ARSN 161 843 778) (Fund) is issued by Fundhost Limited (ABN 69 092 517 087, AFSL 233045) under the PDS dated 30 September 2020. Fundhost would like to advise that the maximum cash position that can be held by the Fund will be capped at 30%. This is a change from the current PDS which allows a cash asset allocation of up to 100%.

The purpose of this notice is to provide updated information pursuant to ASIC Class Order 2016/1055 which is not materially adverse to investors in the fund under the PDS. While this change is not considered to be materially adverse to investors, it should be taken into account when making a decision to invest under the PDS.